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College of Science, Department of Interdisciplinary Programs

Major Relevant College Departments in Participation Degree Title
Cryptology College of Science Department of Mathematics, Graduate School of Information Security Bachelor of Science
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1. Overview and Significance
Information security has been gradually highlighted its importance to the development of the information society and varieties of information protection activities have interest in information security at government level. Going forward, it is expected to continue to be a demand for information security personnel from various agencies, such as academia, companies, research institutes, government.

Recently, USN(ubiquitous sensor network), the home network, and mobile communication environment have been emerged, in this information communication environment there is a need for information security.

Initially research of cryptology which studies the information security academically is based on the mathematical theory and now includes the computational theory, the cryptology has developed into a new discipline. For example, passwords which have been proven cryptographic safety are based on the theory of computational complexity. The students who study cryptology must be familiar with mathematics and computational theory. Also, for development of a system password required in society, it requires efficient operation scheme through the understanding of the advanced mathematical theory and the code programming techniques

2. The aim of education and training goals
Information security can make meaningful results only by a computer-implemented based on the mathematical theory. Therefore, through the curriculum of cryptology which is an interdisciplinary study we provide the advanced mathematical and computer theory and their interconnections and train the workforce of the highest level in the world.

We study the subjects: 1. classical cryptosystems and their weaknesses, 2. public key cryptography and their potential weaknesses, 3. the practical implementations of modern cryptosystems.

3. Career and benefits
Students who have studied cryptology are enabled to work in information security occupations as well as the area related to the Mathematics and Computer Science.

Recently, the National Intelligence Service, the National Police Agency Cyber Crime Lab, and Defense Security Command, etc, recruit the cryptology graduates. The institutes such as the Korea Information Security Agency (KISA), National Security Research Institute research the information security, hence theses institutes hire the cryptology graduates. The cryptology graduates may make a foray he banks, internet companies, private companies.

4. Related Majors
Mathematics, Graduate School of Information Security

Cryptology, Major Advisor: Professor Donggyun Kim (Asan Science Building No. 619, 02-3290-3080)

Website : http://math.korea.ac.kr
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