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BK21 Promotion Agency


BK21 Promotion agency

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Korea University Mathematical Science Division (Department of Mathematics)

Korea University's Mathematical Sciences Project aims to foster post-graduate talent with international competitiveness that has an independent research capacity and an academic human network by establishing an international excellent graduate program through academic exchanges with domestic and foreign top research institutions and graduate schools. In addition, it emits a Master of Science which can play a pivotal role in educational and industrial fields, combining not only the major but also the other graduate or other disciplines, which are strong enough to combine theoretical and practical skills. In other words, the goal is to nurture excellent talents in the mathematical industry that combines fusion thinking and industry-related competence. Ivy League University Mathematics Department in quantitative and qualitative research achievement, and aims to achieve the top 100 in accredited international assessment. The goal of this project is to grow as a research hub where domestic and international mathematicians visit to become active research centers. Strengthening the research and education capacity through the systematic curriculum and the establishment and smooth operation of the undergraduate curriculum, strengthening the creative research capability of graduate students by strengthening systematic excellent manpower, teaching and career guidance, and strengthening the international capacity of graduate students. Strengthening the five research capacities, strengthening government research tasks, and reinforcing industry-university cooperation activities can strengthen integrated research capacity. It is to cultivate successive generations of graduate and postgraduate scholars who have international competitiveness and to cultivate outstanding talents in the mathematical industry. Mathematics is the intellectual gathering of mankind for thousands of years, and it is necessary to preserve, develop and convey to future generations. Therefore, if the business of this project is successful, internationally competitive talent Will be cultivated. In addition, by cultivating excellent talents in the mathematical industry, excellent talents in the mathematical industry will be cultivated that will lead to knowledge-based informationization, openness, and a globalized society.


Initiative for Independent and Creative Leaders (Department of Physics)

As of 2013, Korea University’s Department of Physics has 24 faculty members teaching both undergraduate and graduate students. The average number of SCI publications per professor for the past three years stands at 12.6, proving their active research activities comparable to faculty members of world renowned universities. In addition, thanks to continuous system upgrades and investment, the Department has built a world-class infrastructure in academic management and research. Based on this sizable infrastructure, the Department is now poised to leap forward. As we live in an era where ideas and talent transcend national borders, fostering independent and creative leaders with a global competitive edge is now the mission of contemporary universities. The Initiative aims to utilize BK21 PLUS programs to enable the Department to leap forward in nurturing world-leading research competence, join the ranks of the global top 100 departments of physics and ultimately foster global leaders in physics.


BK 21 Initiative for Chemistry

The vision of the KU Initiative for Chemistry is to "nurture global leaders in chemistry for the 21st century and contribute to the development of human society as a hub of chemical research in Asia." Benchmarking the Department of Chemistry of Stanford University, the BK 21 Initiative for Chemistry has planned and designed development strategies for each area, including education, research, and specialized graduate schools. Through these endeavors, the Initiative aims to foster future scientists who will lead Korea to become a scientific powerhouse with abilities to independently solve issues with in-depth knowledge of the field, leadership and communicative competence. Concurrently, the Initiative aspires to foster world-leading advanced research and studies and ultimately enable alumni to join the ranks of chemical project groups with a global competitive edge.


Initiative for Global Leaders in Earth and Environmental Science

Through the excellent education offered by advanced curricula, the Initiative aims to provide ‘global experts in Earth and environment science’ with specialized, globally competitive knowledge in the field of geosphere and geological science. In particular, the Initiative strives to grow leading experts in the exploration and development of minerals and hydrocarbons, interpretation of crustal evolution, environmental geosphere pollution research and restoration, and prediction and prevention of natural disasters caused by geologic processes. This fostering is intended to contribute to the realization of a knowledge-based society, development of relevant industries, and enhancement of national competitiveness. Moreover, in order to produce foremost experts with world-leading research capabilities, the Initiative plans to foster about 15 experts at the Master degree level and 3-5 at the doctoral level for both academia and industry annually while hiring three post-doctoral scholars and two contract professors as new research personnel. By doing so, we envisage to become one of the global top 70 think tanks in the field of Earth science.