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College of Science, Department of Physics

In the 21st century, the world of physics is witnessing rapid progress in various areas: quantitative understanding of chaos and chaotic phenomena, new particle search enabled by enormous accelerators, and the development of new technologies. Such developments are now allowing physics to perform a variety of innovative activities, including new materials research that was not previously possible.

Keeping pace with the trend, we are actively engaging in advanced and applied physics such as solid state physics, condensed matter physics, optical physics, particle physics, atomic physics and nuclear physics as well as high-tech physics, namely, biophysics and nanophysics, that use state-of-the-art technologies. Our department aims to nurture area-specific experts with advanced knowledge by encouraging innovative research.

Website : http://physics.korea.ac.kr/
Department Office
- Tel. 02-3290-3090
- Fax. 02-927-3292

Academic Goals

The main objective of the graduate education in the Department of Physics is to provide the basic experimental methods and theories essential for understanding the principles of nature. The department will cultivate the next generation of global leaders in physics.

Fields of Study

Elementary Particle (High-Energy) Physics
Nuclear Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
Quantum Optics
Statistical Physics
Nonlinear Dynamics & Biophysics