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College of Science, Department of Chemistry


Under the banner of “Excellence in Research & Teaching,” the Department of Chemistry of Korea University aims to become a “cradle for competitive talent on the international stage.”

Excellent faculty members and a superb educational and research environment are the two perquisites that enable us to transform our students into "globally competitive talent."

For the latter, the prestigious status of Korea University provides support through its educational philosophy, extensive history and tradition, outstanding reputation and educational system. However, intangible values created by professors teaching students play an even greater role in fulfilling our mission.

Outstanding faculty members conduct globally-acknowledged research and attract research grants sufficient for research and education, thereby helping students to realize their full potential. As shown below, the excellent faculty members of the Department of Chemistry take the initiative in the advancement of the chemical community as well as other scientific areas in Korea and provide excellent education services for students. Moving forward, no effort will be spared as we evolve into a department that leads the chemical community of Korea.

The Department of Chemistry is resolved to becoming the hub of future science industries, namely nano-engineering, bioengineering, environment, and energy. To achieve this ambitious goal, we will continue to strive to recruit professors with outstanding achievement in these areas to create an environment where the best and brightest students from around the world are able to learn and study.

Website : http://chem.korea.edu/
Department Office
- Tel. 02-3290-3120, 4746
- Location: Room 334A, College of Science Asan Hall