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College of Science, Department of Chemistry


Since its establishment 50 years ago, Korea University’s Department of Chemistry has taken the initiative in Korean education and research to foster theoretical and practical knowledge of chemistry. These endeavors have resulted in numerous alumni who are performing an active role in leading universities, research institutes and commercial enterprises both domestically and internationally.

Despite these accolades, the future-oriented Department is determined to continuously assume, through its graduate course, an initiating role in basic chemical studies and attract the best and brightest from Korea as well as across the globe and thereby lead the way in world chemistry.

Faculty members of the Department have already proven their excellent research capabilities by earning a number of academic awards, such as the Korean Science Award and the Young Scientist Award, and attracting interest from various centers and programs, including the Science Research Center (SRC), Creative Research Initiatives Center, National Research Laboratory and Leading Scientists Support Program. In addition, based on their research achievements, they have also led initiatives in newly developed areas of integrated science such as NT, BT and ET. To create a superb research environment, providing graduate students with reliable financial support is an essential requirement.

Due to the active research of its members, the Department was selected for BK21 projects by the Korea Research Foundation in 1999 and BK21 PLUS projects administered by the Ministry of Education in 2013, thereby providing financial support for outstanding students. In addition, with funding available for education and research assistants and scholarship beyond BK21 PLUS projects, the Department offers conditions for most graduate students to study without having to worry about tuition fees.

Through overseas conferences and short and long-term international training programs, in particular, BK21 PLUS projects enable students to engage in international exchange activities that will nurture global mindsets and sharpen research capabilities to the international level. As such, these projects have significantly driven the evolution of the Department into a research-focused graduate school.

Website : http://chem.korea.edu/
Department Office
- Tel. 02-3290-3120
- Fax. 02-927-3121

Academic Goals

The primary objective of the Department of Chemistry is to cultivate chemists with specialized knowledge in the fields of physical, organic, inorganic, analytical, biochemical and polymer chemistry, who will contribute to the development of nano-, bio-, info-, and environmental sciences in the 21st century.

Fields of Study

Physical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry (Only for the integrated Master & Ph. D. degree program and the Ph. D. degree program)