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From the Dean


    Welcome to the website of Korea University College of Science.


The 21st century is the era of the scientific revolution where people are connected through a network in a virtual space to create a new world, and computers learn themselves to reach a level that exceeds human capabilities. The root of the development of advanced science and technology in this century is the understanding and new discoveries of numerous natural phenomena made by basic science in the last century. Just as a tree with strong roots produces good fruit, the foundation of a sound basic science will bring prosperity to future science and technology. The College of Science is a place of learning for teaching and researching basic science that forms the basis of advanced science and technology. Korea University College of Science, which has a history of over 70 years, has contributed greatly to the development of science and technology by producing numerous excellent scientific personnel. In the era of the scientific revolution, Korea University has a great vision to become a science university, and the College of Science is playing a key role. The College of Science, consisting of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and earth and environmental science, is in charge of all basic science education throughout the natural world and strives to nurture scientific manpower. All members of the College of Science will do their utmost to support education and research so that students can dream bigger and grow into a world-class scientist at a learning ground filled with great curiosity and wonder about natural phenomena.


Korea University College of Science

Dean. Lee Sanghoon