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From the Dean


    Welcome to the website of Korea University College of Science.


The College of Science at Korea University has been playing a central role in the science research and education of Korea under the banner “Education Saves the Country.”

However, despite our long-standing efforts, there still remain many unsolved problems in natural sciences. Furthermore, new problems arise constantly, partly because of the misuse and overuse of science and technology. In particular, the worldwide pollution, climate change and destruction of nature are a big threat to our survival of humankind beyond Korea whose resolution is of uttermost importance. We, the faculty members of the College of Science at Korea University, will strive for the resolution of them with such great tools as mathematics, physics, chemistry and earth environmental science, and continue to contribute to human prosperity.

It is our great pleasure to watch our fellow students grow to become happy talented citizens with their learning and research conducted here at the College of Science at Korea University. We will do our best to help them achieve their goals of becoming a member of society with democratic ideals who contribute to the development of Korea and the world, and who leads the development of science and technology based upon the deep understanding of basic sciences.

Covid-19 which popped up 2 years ago out of nowhere, is still a big threat to us all, but we will overcome it eventually. It is my sincere wish that 2022 will be the year when the campus is full of students enjoying the most beautiful period of their lives.



March, 2022 

Korea University College of Science

Dean. Seong-Deog Yang